Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Cape >> Plaza de Santiago

Madre mia, estoy en racha, esta semana no uno, sino dos posts! Increíble, y este último con outfit y todo, y sin meter rollos sobre mi vida! Si, había que animar las cosas por aquí. Hablando de animar las cosas, cuando quiero ponerme algo distinto pero me faltan ganas para ir de tiendas, lo que suelo hacer es comprar un par chulo de medias de un color llamativo. Creo que estas verde botella van a ser perfectas para estos días en los que casi parece que llega la primavera.
Y me he puesto mi capa rosa, que tiene cuatro años, moraleja: nunca tires la ropa vieja. Mi otra capa ha salido ya un par de veces en el blog, por cierto, no me había dado cuenta de que esta foto salió hace unos días en la edición online de la revista Vanidad, en la sección de look del día, la tendencia de esa semana eran las capas. Me ha hecho mucha ilusión, por si lo queréis mirar, aqui tenéis el link!!

You must me surprised, I'm making an appearance not just once but twice this week!! With actual outfit pictures, and not just going on and on about my life! Yes well, it's time to shape things up, when I want to add something new to my wardrobe but can't be really fussed, I just get myself a new pair of colourful and cute tights! I think these bottle green ones will do the trick for these days when you can almost feel spring coming.
And I am wearing this pink cape, which is about four years old but I think it's really in at the moment, never throw clothes away! You have seen my other cape a couple of times on my blog, by the way, I wasn't aware that this picture appeared on the online edition of Vanidad magazine, under the look of the day section, the trend that week was capes! I am pretty happy about this, here is the link!

En la foto de arriba tenéis un fantástico primer plano del "nido de ardillas", que es como la directora de mi cole llamaba a la forma un tanto chapucera en que las chicas nos recogíamos el pelo. Por desgracia, con los años no he mejorado en técnica al peinarme, seguro que mi directora no estaría nada contenta si me viese con estos pelos...
¡Buen fin de semana a todos!

So on the picture above is the "squirrel's nest" in all it's glory. This how the headmistress of my school used to call the way most of us girls carelessly tied our hair when we were teenagers. Sadly my grooming skills haven't evolved much, I bet my headmistress wouldn't be proud of that...  
Happy weekend everybody!

Capa/Cape: Jocomomola // Bolso/Bag: Hoss Intropia // Falda/Skirt: Stradivarius // Camiseta/ Top: Bombón // Gafas/Sunnies: American Apparel // Medias/Tights: ? // Bailarinas/Ballerinas: Pretty Ballerinas

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stylish blogger award!


So, a month ago (I know, I know...) I was mentioned by the sweet Elena from Fairytale in a bag as one of her seven candidates to receive the Stylish Blogger Award. I wasn't feeling up to it at the time, but now I started to get a little bit more excited about blogging, there's no better way to celebrate than to receive an award!
It is also the perfect excuse to get all dressed up, especially if I am going to share a few facts about my life, let's make this a formal presentation!!!

I was born in Bilbao (you know, the city where the strange Guggenheim Museum is) 25 years ago. 
But over the past seven years I have called different cities my home, which might me the reason for my confusion right now, I don't exactly know where my home is. First I lived in Pamplona (yes, you know, where the running of the bulls takes place :) during my university years. For a year I lived in Vienna, then back in Pamplona. And the last two years, I have lived in Barcelona. I have always managed to feel at home in these places, more at home than in the city where I was born.

I studied Pharmacy at university.
This was definitely not my first choice, but at the time I didn't really know what to do, one thing led to the another and there I was, memorizing lists of bacteria and drying plants for my herbarium. It is sort of a tradition in my family to study pharmacy, so I went with it. Then I decided I wanted to do something a little different that working in the family pharmacy, so I moved to Barcelona to specialize in Cosmetics and Dermopharmacy and struggled as an intern and later on struggled even more working as a cosmetics formulator. But things were not really looking up for me, spanish economical crisis is not too kind with cosmetic formulators, I decided the time had come to give the pharmacy a try, and that's what I 'm doing right now.

I really need to brush up my pharmacology.
I am not exactly motivated to get back to my books and refresh what I studied back in university, but I have to if I want to be a good pharmacist. Last week I attended a seminary on antipsychotics and next week there's a presentation on colon cancer I am going to, how very interesting...

As a child I was a bit of a loner.
Not exactly by choice though, I was extremely shy and kids were mean, well they were just kids I guess. So what did I do with all my free time? I was an avid reader, which I think isn't a bad habit at all. Actually now that I have more free time, I have gone back to reading a book every week, which I haven't done for the past years. I love to get into different stories, and characters, to visit different places, only with my imagination, it´s a great feeling!

I am very emotional person.
Which is good and bad, because I feel things in extremes. When I'm happy about something I am very happy, but if something gets me down, I am a mess for a long while. I discovered yoga two years ago and it is helping me a lot, I need to find a decent place in Bilbao to continue practicing as soon as possible!

I haven't got a clue about what I am doing with this blog.
I started it because I liked other blogs and I wanted to have one myself. After half a year, most people have zillions of followers and comments, I know I don't but I'm ok with it. I just do it because I like mixing clothes, finding nice settings for pictures, being a part of communities like Chictopia and writing in english (hopefully there's not too many mistakes!). I don't know much about fashion but I think it's interesting and I like to learn about it. However, there is something that I find very stressful about it, it is all so fast, I haven't seen many SS collections and we are already seeing FW, which is months away. It's impossible to keep up!

I have always worn whatever I wanted.
Maybe I am not so drastic now, but I used to change my style a lot depending on my mood, which was sometimes confusing for others. One day I would appear wearing a pleated skirt with converse, the next I was wearing high heels with bell bottoms, I also went through a hippie phase, big scarf around my head, flat arabic slippers even in winter! I think that getting dressed should be fun, and although I do get an occasional stare here and there, it doesn't really bother me.

Now I have to nominate seven bloggers that I think deserve this award. I understand if they don't have the time to post about it and share seven facts about their life, but hey, I'll just name them here because I think they have amazing blogs!

Mónica from Freesia
Cristina from Celita Daily Style
Emma from Scrapbook de la Emma
Playing Hooksies
Franzi from It's not just a bag
Grace from The Afeminada
Kate from o my heart!

**Perdón por no escribir el post en castellano también, pero es que si no, ¡me hubiese salido larguísimo!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You live, you learn >> Grácia

Hola! ¿Que tal vuestro fin de semana? Yo he pasado el mío visitando a unas amigas en Barcelona, he ido de compras por Paseo de Grácia, pasé por Sandro, mi tienda favorita, me volví loca y me compré el bolso tan chulo que sale en la foto. Por la noche, salimos a tope por Plaça Reial, y acabamos bailoteando como locas en el Sidecar. El domingo fue tranquilo, a penas me dio tiempo de recuperarme de la noche anterior y de dar un paseo por Grácia hasta que fue la hora de marchar. He pasado un buen fin de semana, pero ahora me cuesta librarme de una cierta sensación de tristeza que ha reaparecido al volver a Barcelona. He llegado a la conclusión de que no puedo seguir visitando esta ciudad si voy a comenzar de nuevo en Bilbao.
Así que Barcelona, vieja amiga, han sido casi seis años de relación intensa, pero te dejo, no podemos seguir viéndonos. Estos años han sido increíblemente divertidos, llenos de fiestas, romance, amigos y sol. Pero tengo que concentrarme en el futuro, que es donde voy a encontrar la felicidad, así que me despido de ti.

Hello there! How was your weekend? I spent mine in Barcelona visiting some friends, we went shopping in Passeig de Grácia, I got a little crazy and bought this great bag in Sandro. Later on, that night we partied until the early hours in a club in Plaça Reial. Sunday was a calm day, which I spent recovering from the previous night and taking a walk around Grácia. On the whole, the weekend went well but I left Barcelona with a happy/sad feeling. I have come to the conclusion that I can't keep visiting this city if I want to get myself a fresh start.
So Barcelona, old friend, we have been in an intense relationship for almost six years, but I am leaving you now, we cannot keep on seeing each other. These years have been so much fun, full of parties, romance, friends and sun. But I must concentrate on the future, which is where I will find happiness, so I must say farewell.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A touch of red >> Bidezabal

¡Que tiempo tan bueno! Si es que un cielo azul y 20ºC le levantan los ánimos a cualquiera! Me he dado cuenta de que últimamente a mis looks les falta color y no hay nada como un toque de rojo para arreglarlo!

Wow! The weather has been amazing this weekend, there's nothing like blue skies and 20ºC to cheer things up! So I noticed the outfits have been lacking much colour in this blog lately and there's nothing better than a touch of red to solve that! 

Estas fotos las ha sacado mi amiga Elena (gracias!!!) hoy domingo en una zona cerca de donde vivo, el sitio es muy chulo, con una U para skaters pegada a la playa. Este sábado tuve que trabajar un ratito por la mañana pero ha sido un fin de semana muy movidito. He cogido el coche por primera vez en dos años, lo he llevado por la autopista y todo, estoy muy orgullosa. Los que cogéis el coche a diario estaréis pensando que menuda tontería, pero yo estoy muy contenta de lo bien que se me ha dado :)
Las medias que llevo me las encontré el otro día por casa, creo que las usaba cuando tenía diez años. El resto del look es algo así como mi uniforme estos días, estoy un poco perezosa últimamente... Por cierto, vosotros no estáis hartos ya de llevar abrigos de invierno??!

These photos were taken by my friend Elena (thanks girl!!!) on Sunday, in an area close to where I live, there are some half pipes for skaters, it's quite a cool place, next to the beach. Although I had to work on Saturday morning, I was able to do many things this weekend! I went driving for the first time in two years and I am proud to say I did very well! This might seem really stupid to all of you who drive regularly but I never practiced much and I am so happy today went so well.
I am wearing these tights which I found back at home, I used to wear them when I was ten I think. And the rest are pieces I am wearing a lot lately, it's become a kind of uniform, I think I'm in a rut... By the way, isn't anyone fed up with wearing winter coats already??!

Camisa/Shirt: H&M // Jersey: Mango // Falda/Skirt: Stradivarius // Zapatos/Shoes: Chie Mihara // Gafas de sol/Sunnies: vintage bought in Amsterdam