Monday, July 18, 2011


Si, 26, ayer fue mi cumpleaños, uff empiezan a pesar los años ya! Quería escribir algo hoy, he estado un poco desconectadas últimamente... Pero mañana prometo un post decente, ¡de momento con esta foto de ayer, en la que salgo celebrando con mi batido de fresa tendrá que bastar! 

Yes, 26 years old, yesterday was my birthday, yay, happy birthday to me! I just wanted to check in, it was too long since I last posted, but tomorrow I will have some outfit pictures to share, I promise! For the moment, here is a picture of me, celebrating at a diner with a big fat strawberry milkshake. 


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

Looks like a lovely place to have a milkshake.

Anonymous said...

me molas tus gafas!!!

un saludo, Jontine Fuentes

Victoria said...

Feliz cumpleanos guapa! :) Que mona con tu batido! saludos. x

Elekon said...

Congrats! Best wishes on your Birthday! and looking forward to see your outfit post:)

maïu said...

Thaks girls, you're the best! :)